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Dr. LaVerne Y. Adekunle

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is a philanthropist and the founder of laExpose' Production, a non-profit organization that represents over 220 artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and charities from 34 countries in addition to Extraordinary People Awards.

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Christian Education and is a graduate of TNT Biblical Institute. She is a native of Vidalia, Georgia, and of multicultural ancestry. She possesses a compassionate heart which led her to Missionary work. Her determination and thirst for knowledge propelled her to major in Psychology. She is also a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist from US Career Institute, Certified Life Coach from Udemy Academy and she completed Aenon Bible College and P.O.G.I.A. Ministerial studies in Ramstein Germany. She serves as Consultant to N.C. Bible College at Longview Texas.


By His grace, she was elevated from chopping cotton in the fields to a position of honor, respect, and recognition. This privilege of favor has seen her work with Kings, Politicians, and other great people such as former Lt. Gov. of Arkansas, Gov.Winthrop Rockefeller.

Through her commitment and passion, she has successfully shot laExpose' to prominence and has made it a toast of major publishers as well as television and indie movie producers. A hard worker, Dr. LaVerne has films to her credit while serving as a producer to production assistant.  Dr. LaVerne also graced the screen when she starred in a Youtube series of Ladies in the Pulpit for which she dubbed as a co-writer/producer. Today she is a multi-media personality, co-producer, and writer with Women of Ruth Productions, a member of the Writers Guild of America. She was awarded a Governor's award called "Kty Colonel" the highest Governor's Award.


Dr. LaVerne is certified in Multi-Media Journalism and has diverse talents whose works include a television appearance, hosting an infomercial show "LaVerne Make It or Break It" formally on KITV Las Vegas under Hearon Media,  Crystal TV Accra, Ghana, and Afrowood TV  Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Journal by
LaVerne Adekunle,PhD

USA Book Award Winner

As the Assistant Director of Come On In Inc, the CEO named a scholarship in her honor- the LaVerne Adekunle Ph.D. Scholarship Fund and also received a proclamation in her name with John Williams. The energetic and versatile Dr. LaVerne continues to serve in and support Global Truce WorksBingwa, and Better Globe. For her exemplary contribution to the fight against Ebola disease, her Ebola Awareness Campaign project called “Wear Green Day” for Make a Difference Day received a Proclamation from her county Mayor. She is the creator of CFC Sunday School development and recruitment program.


For her outstanding efforts in her book "The World's Luckiest Journal," she earned a notable place in history when she attains the prestigious International Book Award and the USA Book Award respectively. That's not all, Dr. LaVerne is a two-time winner of the prestigious CA Awards in London. Other notable awards and international accolades she has received include the distinguished Who's Who in Business, Points of Light Award, Notable 2000 Women and New Publisher of the Year Award. Dr. LaVerne is the 1st Black Female American in history to become a Nigth by AMAA Council, Dr.Carlos Silva & Dr. John Williams. She is the creative designer behind Arede fashion brand.


LaVerne's recognition for outstanding service and her role in community development has seen her photo featured on the cover of Speak Loud Magazine including good press in Equanimity Magazine and Iconic Magazine (see below).

Dr. LaVerne embodies dignity and grace which gave her a place in the royal court of the Palace of Eze NDI Igbo Ghana, Republic of Ghana where she was officially crowned Chief Ada Di Ora Nma 1 of Ghana, which translates to "Daughter Accepted by the People. Indeed "Daughter Accepted by the People is a fitting crown and title for High Chief LaVerne, who is not only accepted but equally loved by many. 

Dr. LaVerne represents Miss Lifetime Elite, one of her three deserving crowns, and COIN Academy staff. She earned Woman of the Year 2021

She has exceptional skills in research, customer service, marketing, and promoting. Dr. LaVerne Civic duty and Community Service in the state of Arkansas is vast and earned her numerous awards including Presidential Service Award signed by President Joe Biden in 2021.  She was selected by VSC Network for her management work with laExpose.

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Dr. LaVerne is a shining example that life and career is an ever-changing adventure with many stages and acts in life.  She is a visual artist and a concept artist. In additional a member of the Arts Council of Wms Cty. Dr. LaVerne life partner and two sons is her soul-piration!

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is a sought-after speaker and infopreneur. Her specialties include personal effectiveness, and inspirational development. Dr. LaVerne is available for travel and consulting.

Media Contact 

Dr. M.Tillman, PR

615-562-1532  fax 615-345-4192

2018 Encounter Africa & Gov't Honorees
Congrat's Dr. LaVerne

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Since I was a little boy dreaming about what it would be like to sing was all I did. As a family we would watch the different award shows on T.V. I didn't realize the plan God would have for my life in the entertainment industry. I met Dr. Laverne some years ago as she shared her vision for the Extraordinary People Awards. I never in a million years could have imagined God allowing an ordinary person like myself to direct such an prestigious gala. I am so humble to work with her.

Dwayne S. Coley Sr.  Award-Winning, Indie Artist

Dwayne S. Coley Sr.

Jacksonville, FL


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